Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ) offers developers a new way to query data using strongly-typed queries and strongly-typed results, common across a number of disparate data types including relational databases, .NET objects, and XML. By using strongly-typed queries and results, LINQ improves developer productivity with the benefits of IntelliSense and compile-time error checking. In this discussion, Cory will demonstrate the basics of LINQ and how it provides much more than just the ability to query a SQL Server database.

Time: 7:00 PM (6:30 PM food starts)

This is a free event, but please register here: to help us plan for food, drinks, etc..

Deloitte Hattiesburg
HATTIESBURG, MS 39401-7584


Deloitte’s entrance is an outside facing door to the right of Cloverleaf Mall’s food court.

About the Speaker

Cory Smith maintains a .NET related blog at and is very active in the .NET community.   His community involvement includes: President of the Dallas/Fort Worth DNUX group, Vice President of the Fort Worth .NET Users Group, VBInsider Member, Microsoft MVP, member of the South Central District Developer Guidance Council and a former member of the INETA Speakers Bureau.   A veteran developer (professionally writing software for almost 20 years) working on projects ranging anywhere from major e-commerce sites such as and to applications that are at the heart and soul of over 4600 radio stations around the world.  His work history includes working for Tandy/RadioShack, Rare Medium, Inc., Electric Works Corp., Scott Studios Corp. and Shiny Stone Digital.

In his spare time, Cory is also owns and operates a combative martial arts academy, coaches a MMA fight team, is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and attempts to watch every action movie ever released.

Prizes and Free Food

We will have a raffle for door prizes after the presentation. Food will be served for those attending this event thanks to our new location sponsor Deloitte. Please arrive early starting at 6:30PM to eat.